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What we do:

We make candy. Specifically we make chocolate candy. I can tell you that our chocolate is really good. I think you’ll agree. We use the freshest natural ingredients we can find with fresh fruit, nuts, coffee and cream. We have classic, whimsical and daring flavors and an open mind if you have ideas. What you do with the candy is your decision to make. We make no promises that the candy will change your life, get you a promotion or get her to marry you. All of that comes from within you. Good chocolate can brighten your day. Great chocolate can brighten your week. Then again, who knows – maybe it will change your life – just go with it.

Who we are:

The Chocolate Piggy is a husband and wife team. A team, that’s really the best way to describe how we work both in the kitchen and out. My name is Jen and I have been making chocolates for over 20 years while Matt has been my faithful taste tester and supporter for 10. While The Chocolate Piggy is about candy, Matt and I spend most of our time trying to feed those around us. We love to cook (Matt’s studying to be a certified chef) and we love to make people happy. That’s where the team work comes in. You cannot run an effective kitchen or marriage without a “we’re in this together” outlook. That teamwork is what makes The Chocolate Piggy great.

I started making simple chocolates with my mom for the holidays when I was tall enough to reach the counter. I remember carefully filling the molds and tapping them on the counter to get the air bubbles out. We didn’t have a lot of money but these small homemade gifts were always welcome around our friends, family and neighbors. I continued to bring in treats for my friends at work through college and beyond. Some asked if they could take some home or if I could make treats for their party and so The Chocolate Piggy began.

My father has always been my best customer. When I first got rolling he asked what I could make so he could send gifts to business contacts. Having only made solid chocolate molds or chocolate-covered-fill-in-the-blank, I told him I could of course make anything he wanted. A girl never wants to let her dad down. Matt graciously ate the “rejects” as I taught myself to make truffles, fillings and more.

Matt is wonderful support. He’s my creative sounding board, salesman, taste tester and daily encouragement.